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Sunday, September 12th, 2021 10:08 PM

Get old phone number back

All I want is my old phone number back.

I ported it off my parent's account years ago, it was released back to ATT a few months ago.

My parents still use ATT.

I bought a prepaid account solely to get this number back and transfer it off because I can't stand this company.

I've been transferred all over - I can't get actual help. It took me 7 calls last month to take care of a separate issue because the website didn't work. This service is actually horrendous.

I've tried talking to both prepaid and postpaid service, and they send me back and forth. The IVR system makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get to a live agent on the prepaid line. Please for the love of god just update below:

Current Phone Number on new account: (Edited as per community guidelines)

Phone Number I'm trying to change it to: (Edited as per community guidelines)

This process should be simple........

Accepted Solution

ACE - Expert


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2 years ago

This is a public forum and not customer support. Please remove your personal information unless you want more spam calls. Sorry but there is no way to request a specific number number with prepaid or consumer postpaid. Maybe if you open a business account.

ACE - Expert


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2 years ago

What @sandblaster said. I'd like to emphasize that you need to use the three little dots to the right of your original post and delete your phone numbers as you have just made yourself wide open to every scammer/spammer/phisher in the world.

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