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Friday, February 19th, 2021 11:32 PM

Free I-Phone from ATT/Direct TV - Phone was not free!!!


To whom it may concern:

I am trying to figure out who I can contact about the free I-phone I was offered a few years ago.  I filed a complaint with the FCC regarding this matter. 

Basically, I was offered a free phone when I called Direct TV to reduce my monthly television bill.  I should not have accepted the free phone because it was not free and I could not return it and get a refund from ATT.  I lost my good judgment when I accepted the terms and conditions. 

My complaint is that I could not return the phone and get a refund.  ATT through Direct TV or visa versa offered a free phone that they knew could never be returned for a full or partial refund.  My phone is still in the package.  This whole ordeal cost me about $600 to $700. 

I would like to send my request or package to the right person at ATT to see if this can be resolved.  If you have an address, please provide it.  If you are reading this, the phone is not free and you cannot change your mind about it.

Unhappy Customer in California

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3 years ago

There is no way you can return a phone you got a few years ago. You had 14 days to return it when you got it. It’s way too late to complain about it now. 

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