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Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 11:59 PM

Call Protect App errors, etc.


When will there be a way to whitelist numbers in in the Call Protect app?    I'm missing so many important calls because of this app.  

First of all, there are way too many numbers reported as spam or fraud that are legitimate business numbers.  Secondly, the app will report that it blocked a legitimate number as fraud or spam, even though Call Protect is set to send those calls to voicemail, not to block them.  Finally, the reverse number lookup will return "Spam" or "Fraud" instead of listing the actual number info, if the number is on Hiya's notoriously inaccurate spam and/or fraud lists.

It must be embarassing for AT&T to promote their own app, even though virtually every AT&T phone number (and AT&T callback numbers) is being blocked as Spam or Fraud by their own app.   At least, you would think it would be.

I know how to go through the steps to report inaccurately listed legitimate phone numbers, but, really, that's not my job.  AT&T and Hiya should be responsible enough to verify spam and fraud reports before putting them on the lists.  Better to just give customers a local and easily editable whitelist.


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