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Friday, January 10th, 2020 6:13 AM

A hurtful situation

Hello, my name is Derek and I am writing in regards for my mother and sister who have both been dealing with chaos and trying to get our account resolved for over 2 weeks going on 3 now. We have been loyal customer since before AT&T bought Alltel. We are trying to upgrade our phone as well as port 2 new lines (my wife and brother in law) to our family plan. AT&T reps have lied, criticized and emotionaly tore my families trust. I am reaching out to the community in order to help us in this dire situation. We have been promised all kinds of things to help with this situation but still have not received a single call back with good news.

They have added new phone lines, that were not suppose to be added. Sent incorrect phones that we did not order or want. Told us about how they would help fix everything but still have not. We have spoken to reps, managers, loyalty team and still waiting for results. We keep getting told that things can be fixed but nothing is getting fixed. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

This is by far the worst experience I have ever heard of and dealt with.

It makes straighttalk look great... and that says ALOT since that is what my wife is leaving for ATT.

My wife is working from home and uses her cell phone for her business and since we ported her number over her phone still does not work.

I am am more upset that this has hurt my mother and sister and has mentally drained them.

I wish anyone who reads this the best of luck and hope they don't end up on this side of the fence.(neglected)

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4 years ago

This is a customer populated forum not AT&T customer service. I am guessing that you are dealing with this over the phone. I would recommend you locate a company store and how it all fixed there. You can locate a store with the link at the bottom of the Forum webpage. Company stores are marked with a blue ellipse that says shop this store or in-store pickup. This


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