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Thursday, August 17th, 2017 7:56 PM

My mother-in-law died on May 19. I have been trying to close her Direct TV account.


I have been trying to close my mother-in-law's Direct TV account but have only gotten run-arounds by both Direct TV and ATT... my mother-in-law passed away in May, three months ago. Her Direct TV account was opened in 2015 and is being debited monthly from her Social Security banking account that has to remain open until after probate.  The Direct TV charges for an account not used and for which we have repeatedly tried to close are still being debited. Her house is now empty, no electricity, about to be sold. Direct TV representatives have REFUSED to close this account, have only given me a run-around about adding new services and "you need to speak to another department."  I have ALL relevant information pertaining to this account.  It simply needs to be closed!  HOW DO I CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT?

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