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Internet with AT&T Fiber

Internet with AT&T Fiber

Learn about our blazing-fast Internet with AT&T Fiber.
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Setting up EdgeRouter to use another ISP for failover

I have a BGW320-500 for my AT&T Fiber, and I've had it for a while, and I've been happy for the most part. When I first signed up, my hope was to use my EdgeRouter X for dual WAN to make me the ultimate WFH employee.... but my employer didn't like the load balancing and so I said meh, canceled






When we ordered AT&T Fiber we were told we could get $150 Reward card for the Internet as well as a $150 Reward card because we have an AT&T Cellular plan (4 phones). We received the $150 card for the Fiber Internet but never received the card for the Cell Phone Plan. On the MyAT&T acco




AT&T False Promises

I signed up for AT&T Fiber back in March and they told me if signed up I would receive a $300 reward card. This was my main reason for doing so since no other provider was offering that much. After getting transferred 5 times, and being on the phone for almost 2 hours everyone tells me that the